Tháng Sáu 9, 2023

Mother Nature has endowed Quy Nhon City exclusively with an idyllic long beach in the shape of a crescent moon, located right amid the heart of the city. Also, along with the coastline of more than 134 km, Binh Dinh Province boasts a multitude of white and yellow sand beaches and clear blue seawater such as Mui Vi Rong, De Gi, Vinh Hoi, Ky Co, Hon Kho, just to name a few, making Binh Dinh deserve the title “ the Paradise of Sea Tourism”.

Come with us to admire the gorgeous nature landscapes, mingle with the vast ocean in the cool blue water, behold colorful coral reefs and rich marine life at Ky Co, a heavenly coastal island.

Itinerary in details


08:00Welcome and pick-up with tour guide and by car at the meeting point in Quy Nhon. Departure to visit Ky Co, which is considered the Vietnamese version of Maldives.

The trip across Thi Nai  – the well-known historical bridge connecting Quy Nhon City and the beautiful Phuong Mai Peninsula. Stories are told by guide about the past battles by the Champa and Vietnamese dynasties, especially the civil war between the Tay Son brothers and Nguyễn Ánh, who established the Nguyễn Dynasty and named the nation “Việt Nam” as it is now.

08:30 Proceed to Ky Co by canoe (or by car, weather permitting or as requested by guests)

  • Arriving here, guests can enjoy a panoramic view of a pristine white sandbeach, jade blue sea and visit many attractive check-in points such as Heart Bridge and numerous natural sceneries as well as other landscaping features for photography lovers.
  • Exploring small natural lakes formed by cliffs and sandpits.
  • Guests may find it interesting to see the steep cliffs reaching out to the sea.
  • For thrill-seeking, canoe can take guests to Bai Dua where guests can swim with snorkelling and behold coral reefs.
  • Watching the Seal Circus show (admission fee is not inclusive)

11:30 Having lunch at a restaurant in the fishing village. Menu with seafood caught fresh and processed on the day. After lunch, guests relax in the hammock at the restaurant.


13:30  Guests continue the sightseeing.

Visiting and taking photos along Eo Gio coastal walking path – The place to catch the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in Vietnam

  • Visiting Ngoc Hoa Temple and the Double-Statue Buddha
  • Check-in at Green Stone Road lined with lovely little houses in Nhon Ly fishing village.
  • Check-in at Phuong Mai Sand Dunes – A small desert in Quy Nhon.

16:30 The car and guide take guests back to the original pick-up point. End of a daytime tour. Farewell and see you again.

EVENING: Guests are free to explore and experience the nightlife of Quy Nhon.



  • Quality transportation vehicle according to the itinerary.
  • Lunch at the fishing village
  • Local guide throughout the itinerary (Vietnamese, English, Chinese … as the case may be)
  • One-time admission ticket
  • Travel insurance: VND 30,000,000
  • Service: 01 bottle of water + 01 towel



  • Personal expenses such as eating, shopping, sightseeing not provided in the program
  • Tip: USD 3


* 30% of tour price applies to under-5-year-old children

* 60% of adult fare applies to children from 5-9 years of age

* Fare charged as adults applies to children from 10 years or older.


The tour program may subject to change depending on the weather and actual conditions to ensure guests’ safety.


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